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About us


Emit AS is the result of a merger between Regnly AS and Time Tech AS. The merger took place on 01/01/1995.

Time Tech AS was founded by Sven Marti in 1984. The company was, as the only one in Norway, specialists in the starting number, timing and results service.

Regnly AS was established in 1981. The company started with manufacturing of tents for participants and organizers of orientation events. Some years later Regnly began to develop sophisticated timing equipment designed for the most common of sports. The company was well known in the market and got a good reputation.


Emit AS has the following product areas:

Electronic-punching and timing system (EPT) for orienteering

This system was developed in collaboration with Norwegian and Swedish orienteering Federation. The definitive breakthrough came in 1995 when EPT was used in all major international orienteering events, including the World Cup in Germany. EPT consists of a starting unit that resets the ecard and enable the punching, ecard for punching, electronic control units, and a reading device that reads the information in the ecard when the runner has finish.

-EmiTag "chip system"

This system is mainly used in cross-country skiing, cycling and running.
Goals for emiTag:
*Simplify timing
*Reduce need for manpower
*Fewer errors
*Prompt and correct results
*Added value for enduser
*Enables organiser to focus on prime aspects of managing sporting events

-Traditionally, timing equipment

Emit has the most common used timing equipment in Norway.

-Timing Services

Emit assists a lot of organisers every week


We can provide software for many sports. Our standard timing system eTiming is used in orienteering, running and cross-country skiing. We also have specific software for biathlon, and cycling.

-Start number (bibs)

Emit is the largest provider of start numbers in Norway. We offer various types of paper quality, format, colors, personal info, etc.



CEO of Emit AS is Tommy Jauhojärvi
The other employees are:

Eric Stokseth
Bjarte Dyngeland
Terje Aamillom
Stein Edgar Løkken
Stein Helge Riise
Sven Marti
Dagfinn Øksenholt
Peter Lundberg
Wanrawee (Ann) Sjøgren-Erichsen


The company has a proprietary capital of approx. 50%. The company (companies) have been operated at a profit since its inception. In 2012 sales ended up being NOK 16 million.


Emit AS is located in downtown Oslo. Our address is:

St. Halvard gt. 33, N-0192 Oslo, Norway.
Phone: +47 22 91 03 00, Fax: +47 22 91 03 01

E-mail: emit@emit.no
Internet: http://www.emit.no