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Emit Time Recorder ETR3

NOK 12 475 incl. VAT
ETR3 with case
ETR3Printer EPR3Timetaking-button

Emit Time Recorder 3, ETR3, is a compact easy-to-use timer that is suitable for all sports with interval starts. ETR3 has the six most used programs from RTR2 built-in: program 10 (times only), program 20 (start numbers and times), program 60 (cross-country with external units), program 90 (mass-arrangements) , program 130 (EPT, e-cards) and program 131 (EPT, e-cards and barcodes). In addition it is possible to transfer data from the last event by choosing program 999.

ETR3 can connect to a barcode reader and handles times from a startgate and/or photocell, when connected to an external connection box. ETR3 is delivered in a handy transport case, which also contains the thermal printer EPR3 with cable, timetaking-button and a USB cable for connection to a PC. A USB-driver and user manual are also included.