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Emits New School-kit for Orienteering

NOK 29 670 incl. VAT
Emit School-kit for Orienteering
emiTag 2017TFT-controleScan and bluetooth printer

The new school-kit for orienteering consists of 25 emiTags with cardborebands, 15 Touch-Free Trainer (TFT) controls (incl start and finish), the new eScan reader and a thermal, bluetooth printer with re-chargeable batteries. 15 control flags are also included.

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The emiTag is an active, electronic timing chip used in a variety of sports. The emiTag registers time and code for all controls it detects. Built-in, orange led flashes sharply for five seconds after detecting a control. Storing capacity of 500 controls, with codes and times. State-of-the-art lithium battery estimated to last for five years. Elastic band
made for orienteering.

The Touch-Free Trainer (TFT) controls are made for use at school-orienteering events, practise events and all other sorts of orienteering. The TFT-controls continuously transmit a signal containing a control code from 100 to 199. This
code is registered by emiTags, that are within a range of 25 cm from the TFT-unit. Powered by two AA-batteries, which lasts for one season (6 months).

The eScan reader is used to download all controls (and times) from the emiTags, after the competitor has crossed the finish-line. Intermediate times are immediately printed on the portable bluetooth printer, and may also be downloaded to a PC, tablet or smartphone. The school-kit is delivered in a suitable case, with a charger, mini-usb cable and driver-cd included, as well as Emits’ own powerbank - to give you more than 10.000 mA of extra power!