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Produkter: Remote control

eScan reader kit


eScan is Emit's newest reader that reads all kinds of e-cards and emiTags. The content of the e...

eTiming 3.6


eTiming is Emit's main event-administration software. eTiming is Windows-based and can be used...

Emits New School-kit for Orienteering

Emit School-kit for Orienteering

The new school-kit for orienteering consists of 25 emiTags with cardborebands, 15 Touch-Free...

Maxi Time Recorder MTR5

Maxi Time Recorder MTR5

Emit Maxi Time Recorder MTR5 is developed so that it can be used together with our electronic...



You can use an eLink to receive and forward data from emiTags to Emit's Internet-server.

Moxa UPort 1450I

Moxa UPort 1450I

4-port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-serial converter with 2 KV isolation protection


Emit TFT (Touch-Free Trainer)

Touch Free Trainer units

Emit's new Touch-Free control unit for orienteering, fixed courses and other types of evennts...

Rental of timing equipment

emiTags mounted on board

We have "all" types of timekeeping equipment for rent; both for small and large events. The...



A new and improved version of Emits control units, with faster and safer communication with...

Emit TFP (Touch-Free Pro)


Emits new control-units, often used in orienteering, sprint-orienteering, ski-orienteering,...