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Produkter: emiTag

emiTag timing chip

emiTag 2018

The emiTag is an active timing chip with a built-in radio tranceiver.




You can use an eLink to receive and forward data from emiTags to Emit's Internet-server.

eScan reader kit


eScan is Emit's newest reader that reads all kinds of e-cards and emiTags. The content of the e...

Emit TFT (Touch-Free Trainer)

Touch Free Trainer units

Emit's new Touch-Free control unit for orienteering, fixed courses and other types of evennts...

Emits New School-kit for Orienteering

Emit School-kit for Orienteering

The new school-kit for orienteering consists of 25 emiTags with cardborebands, 15 Touch-Free...

emiTag junction box-set, 2x eLine

emiTag koblingsboks, eLine x 2

eLine junction box with two eLine plugs for regular installations of ECB1 target device. Assures...

ECU1 tagreader

ECU1 brikkeleser

The ECU1 tag reader is used for reading emiTags; wether you want to download controls or check...

emiTag junction box-set, keypads

Keypads koblingsboks

Keypads (EKP2) junction box-set for regular installations of the ECB1 target device. Assures the...

ECB1 finish station

ECB1 finish station

When you use the emiTag system, the ECB1 represents Emit’s finish station. The ECB1 replaces the...

emiTag junction box-set, start/stop

emiTag koblingsboks, startgring og/eller fotocelle

Start/stop junction box-set for regular installations of ECB1 target device. For connection with...