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Produkter: Tradisjonelt tidtakingsutstyr

Emit Time Recorder ETR3

ETR3 with case

Emit Time Recorder 3, ETR3, is a compact easy-to-use timer that is suitable for all sports with...

Emit Start Clock

Emit Start Clock

Emit Start Clock is an electronic starting clock with a starting signal. It is suited for cross...

Emit RAC2


Emit RAC2 is a junction box used in combination with ESK2 to connect several EKP2 keyboards to a...

Emit Timer ET6

Emit Timer ET6

Emit Timer ET6 is the last generation of Emit's advanced matching clocks for sports with...

Emit Start Display ESD2

Emit StartDisplay ESD2 with tripod

ESD2 is a digital start display suitable for orienteering, cross country, biathlon, cycling and...

Emit Finish Display ESD2

ESD2 Finish Display

Emit Finish Display (ESD2) is a digital startdisplay. It i svery suitable for orienteering,...

Emit Event Kit

Emit Event Kit

Emit Event Kit is a set with finishdisplay, start- and finish units and emiTags. The time that...